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Create your own solar system, and work with your installer to find the best installation. We are associated with installation companies throughout Norway who deliver complete plants, fully assembled.

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Solar systems have never been easier

How does it work?


Enter the address

Search for the address where you want the solar system. The search function retrieves known target data on buildings at the address. Select the desired building on which you want to have a solar system installed.

Draw the solar system

Get a proposal for a suitable solar cell system based on the building's dimensions. Choose the roof type and draw in pipes, ventilation, snow traps and other obstacles on your roof. See your solar system in 3D.

See calculations

See what kind of assembly material is needed for the facility, calculated based on roof type and the local snow and wind loads requirements for the installation address. See production calculations and payback period for the plant.

Get a price for the facility

Register and request your local installation supplier, get the supplier's price into your own user account and order your facility online. Clarify the delivery time and assembly time with your electrician.
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What we can do for you?

Design your own solar system

Look up the address for the installation and design your own solar system in our online drawing program.

Dealer network

Receive a quote and order the solar system you have designed yourself, from a local company. We have a dealer network throughout Norway that installs solar systems where you live.

Lean back

Find a spot in the garden with a view of the roof, put on your sunglasses and enjoy it all free electricity you will have for many years to come.
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Why work with us?


Solar Technologies Scandinavia AS is one of the market's most experienced suppliers and our employees have extensive knowledge of solar systems. We can assist with everything from small installations for single-family homes to large commercial buildings. We also supply complete ground-mounted solar parks. Installers who use us appreciate our deliveries directly to the construction site. You do not need to order entire pallet packages, but only get the equipment you need for your project delivered. Complete projects are sent out to all of Norway daily from our warehouse. Facilitating the highest possible efficiency for you as an installer is important to us.

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To whom the offer is addressed?

Our solutions

With us you can get solutions for all types of installations. Whether it's on the ground in a green meadow, or the barn roof of Dagros, we have proven solutions. Perhaps you would rather decorate your home with integrated facade panels on the wall or ceiling, we have the solution for this too. Whether you are going to melt ice samples at Dronning Mauds Land, or freeze popsicles for the children in the happy south, we can assist with everything you need.


There are great advantages to using solar cells in agriculture. Farms use a lot of energy for their production. With large roof surfaces, this is a perfect ratio for self-produced electricity.

Private residence

Charge the car with self-produced electricity. Halve your monthly electricity bill. Sell ​​excess electricity in the summer that you can use to buy back in the winter.

Industrial building

Show your customers that you take environmental responsibility, at the same time you earn money on your investment. You contribute greatly to achieving Norway's climate goals.

The installer's preferred supplier

We ensure that installers in Norway always have access to quality materials for your project. Enter the address and see how easy it is.

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About us

Why you should use our solutions?

By choosing Solar Technologies Scandinavia, you're not only selecting a partner committed to excellence, reliability, and a greener future, but you're also embarking on a journey towards sustainable energy transformation. Join us in shaping a cleaner, more environmentally responsible tomorrow through the power of solar innovation.

We help authorized installers with solution proposals and installation design.

Solar Technologies Scandinavia is one of Norway's leading suppliers in solar panels and battery storage.

The company was founded by key personnel with extensive experience from the construction industry and as technical suppliers.

We offer training at all levels of competence in assembly, engineering and all applicable regulations.

Meet us

Our team

What possibilities are there?


The Transparency Act

In accordance with the law, Solar Technologies Scandinavia AS must carry out due diligence assessments and provide an account of this in a report to be published each year.

Solar Technologies Scandinavia AS works continuously to map its own supply chain and business partners. Human rights and decent working conditions in accordance with the principles of the OECD are assessed. We seek to identify, avoid/prevent, mitigate and account for adverse impacts on human rights and decent work associated with our operations.

The Transparency Act gives everyone the right to ask companies for information about how they deal with negative impacts on fundamental human rights and decent working conditions.

If this information is required, the company can be contacted by email

[email protected]


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